Did you know that engaged employees can increase revenue and productivity by 43%?

Here are the Key Habits of Highly Engaged Employees

1. Committed, loyal and passionate – wanting to make a positive difference.
2. Abundance mentality – a mind-set that recognizes that there are enough resources and successes to share with others.
3. Interdependent – ability to see both their role in the organization and the organization's role in their life as completely interdependent, reciprocating functions.
4. Humble – attitude of openness to life that can help absorb mistakes, failures or personal shortcomings.
5. People first - deeply cares about staff/customers and always puts them as number one.
6. Goes that extra mile - routinely willing to put forth extra discretionary effort.
7. Focused - clear in purpose and direction - emotionally connected to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.

Ultimately, engaged employees should bring you higher profitability, productivity and customer metrics. You should also experience fewer safety incidents, less shrinkage and fewer quality defects. Finally, there should be lower absenteeism and lower turnover.