Extended Online Employee Engagement Survey

Our Most Popular Packages

10 Pack Xtra

Price: $50

  • Base Cost: $50
  • Number of Licenses: 10
  • Cost Per License: $0

50 Pack Xtra

Price: $250

  • Base Cost: $50
  • Number of Licenses: 50
  • Cost Per License: $5

99 Pack Xtra

Price: $495

  • Base Cost: $50
  • Number of Licenses: 99
  • Cost Per License: $5

165 Pack Xtra

Price: $825

  • Base Cost: $50
  • Number of Licenses: 165
  • Cost Per License: $5

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Your Purchase Includes

1) Cost Effective - Variable Pricing
2) Start immediately... no quotes - no waiting
3) Fast, easy set up - few clicks of the mouse - turnkey operation
4) 15 Minute Engagement Survey
5) Simple interface that allows easy management
6) Questions that relate directly to performance outcomes with the option to leave narrative comments
7) Secure - Completely Anonymous - No Cookies - No Tracking
8) Suggestion Box included - anonymous online feedback platform for employees
9) Drills deep into each of the proven 10 engagement drivers uncovered by Proactive Insights Research Institute
10) Measure and analyze what matters most
11) Limitless Analysis - Roll Up - Drill Down
12) Hundreds of actionable reports with powerful visual graphs and charts

a. View online - share - print - save as PDF
b. Results and comparisons including demographic breakouts, open ended narrative and quantitative results
c. High level reports sharable with employees
d. Final report that provides you with key recommendations, strategies and actions you can take right now based on the survey findings

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Pricing Explained

The base cost of the Xtra package is $50.00 which includes 10 employee survey licenses (the "Base Cost") valid for 1 year. The price for each additional survey license purchased after the Base Cost is $5.00 per employee. However, after the purchase of 200 employee survey licenses, the price for each additional survey license is $2.50 per employee.

Secure online payment is set up to accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

All packages are valid for 1 year from time of purchase.

You may extend your package by purchasing multiple years or renewing before expiry. Renewal also allows you to have access to past years survey data and create custom reports with year over year analysis and trends.

Xtra Additional Features: Learn More