In-Depth Post Survey Analysis

Let the experts at Proactive Insights provide you with an in-depth post survey analysis. We will conduct a detailed interpretation of your survey results and provide customized recommended next steps.

A) We review the survey results in order to understand the main themes from your employee survey.

B) We identify the key strengths of your organization and the primary opportunities for improvement.

C) We provide direction and recommendations for your consideration in the following areas:

1) Share a summary of the results with your employees (weigh the pros and cons of how much and what to share).

2) Set up employee survey feedback sessions.

3) Identify a coordinator.

4) Develop clear and specific goals for improvement.

5) Create an effective and workable action plan, including establishing a concrete time frame for implementation.

6) Communicate the action plan to your employees.

g) Monitor and measure progress.

7) Follow up on employee surveys in order to evaluate the overall success of your action plan and to establish additional opportunities for improvement.

8) Additional next steps may also include: further engagement/exit surveys, stay interviews, online anonymous suggestion box, managerial review, 360 evaluations of leaders, focus groups, town hall meetings, communiqués, a “stop doing” list, righting wrongs, leadership training for both employees and managers, and further professional services unique to each client situation.

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