We Enable Excellence

As organizations strive to gain and maintain competitive advantage, they need their managers and executives to be increasingly effective at providing the leadership to

1. Develop and execute strategy
2. Navigate constant change with confidence
3. Break free of ineffective, outdated practices

Proactive Insights has discovered the ultimate secret for quantum organizational improvement: Every breakthrough first requires a break with the old paradigms, practices, and principles that tether people and organizations to the status quo.

We Call it: EXtra Leadership

Introducing executive and manager coaching services based on our Extra Leadership model (Extra Leadership Learn More) that will eliminate the ineffective status quo and take leaders to higher levels of performance.

Even the most experienced managers and executives can encounter challenging situations. In these situations, Proactive Insights' coaching service can help by guiding an individual understanding of how they should be adding value in the business environment and helping achieve their full potential – in and out of the workplace. Executive and manager coaching assists in developing both the character and competence of the individual: ethics, knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities necessary for excellence and effectiveness in leadership.

Proactive Insights takes a developmental coaching approach. Our leadership coaches work with individuals to transform their behaviors by altering their ways of thinking and frames of reference. This inspires and empowers the individual to see previously unrecognized opportunities and to create momentum. This approach expands the individual’s capacity to achieve goals and bring about transformational change. Our coaching approach recognizes that developing a new leadership DNA takes time. We believe that every “break-with” the status quo is a small win. It is our disciplined pursuit of the small wins methodology that ultimately provides the opportunities for significant breakthroughs.

Our program is designed to help managers and executives discover their unique leadership talents and refine those abilities to achieve the organization’s goals. We help our clients increase their effectiveness within the organizational culture through the use of individual assessments, surveys, 360 feedback, behavioral observations and personal development plans.

Our approach involves a number of separate but interrelated dimensions:
1. Lead from purpose, not from policies
2. Apply the principles of servant-leadership
3. Create extraordinary results through visioning, planning, executing, and adjusting
4. Empower employees by expecting and measuring progress and performance
5. Lead through listening
6. Continually build and rebuild important connections, partnerships, and relationships
7. Focus primarily on prevention to chronic organizational problems, not on treatment
8. Implement changes by focusing on the majority
9. Harness the power of small wins.

Proactive Insights' leadership coaches have years of experience in a variety of industries. They are credentialed practitioners with certifications relevant to the field. Since our coaches are industry experience executives, the coaching often takes place within the context of the operational objectives of the organization. This brings additional value to strategic transformations where modification to leadership behavior and cultural influences are desired.

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