Bring the “Human” Back into HR

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While in the past the human resources department has typically been the place employees go to for their payroll, but today there is a lot more to be expected from HR then just a weekly check. Now human resources are not just a place to inquire about paid time off, maternity leave or paycheck deduction but also includes a long list of items from training to management and safety concerns. The role of the HR department is more complex and this is something that businesses need to be up to date with if they want to be able to keep their employees and provide the ideal work environment.

While a decent pay will be a considerable factor for any employee there are a number of other more important criteria that a place of employments needs to provide their employees. Since the workplace is where people spend a majority of their time every day these workers are expecting the jobs they do to be more fulfilling and the HR department has a direct connection in making this possible.

A good HR department will be a place that employees can go for any concerns or questions they may have in regards to a number of the businesses policies. This is the place where employees can begin building a bond with their work environment. This bond can, in turn, make employees feel more comfortable, secure and even lead to increased productivity.

The managers in any business should be able to rely on the HR department for obtaining the proper tools, resources and other information that will allow them to continue building a bond and good rapport with the employees. Communication is key between the HR department and employees and management. If the HR department is slow to bring light to employees concerns, then they lose that secure feeling. When employees feel like their voices are not being heard they will find another job where they will be heard.

Training and development are also a key function for the HR department. In order for employees to feel as though they are doing something meaningful with their time spent at their jobs, they need to also know they can grow with the company. With today’s new workforce employees are not just looking for a job to pay the bills, they want a job they know they can advance in and reach the higher rungs of the ladder. Without providing the employees with the proper training or development resources employees will feel like their job is not important. This can lead to poor work, more mistakes and a low morale within the office.

Human Resource departments need to focus on building a relationship with the employees, bring a new ‘Human’ interaction with all staff of a business. This is why more and more businesses are looking for specific skills from their human resources staff. They need to be effective communicators with the ability to listen and resolve and conflicts. Human Resource departments are essential the backbone of any business and if your business is suffering one of the first places you may want to evaluate is the human resources department.

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