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Top Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Boss

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Let’s consider a scenario that happens often in today’s workplace. A highly qualified job candidate is hired for a position. With adequate industry experience and/or solid academic background, the employee has already accumulated a certain level of expertise in a given line of work. The person i... read more

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Employee Retention: Retain and Gain

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Some people are still mistakenly under the impression that employee turnover is a good thing. What a myth this is! Sure, it sometimes a good thing to remove the occasional bad egg from one’s workplace in order to bring in more productive workers, but many managers are baffled when they learn about... read more

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In Search of Work Utopia

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What exactly is work utopia and has it become far beyond your reach? The answers may surprise you! Most people spend up to half of their waking hours at work and quite simply hate what they do. How can they possibly lead a fulfilling life with such an attitude of demise? It is quite simply no way... read more

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The Quickest Way to Kill Your Business

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The quickest way to kill your business – stay in your office! Simply put… If you want to kill the human spirit and destroy your organization, stay out of touch. Stay in your office. Send out non-stop emails. Sit arrogantly in your comfort zone, and stay oblivious to what is really going on... read more

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Employee Engagement is a Huge Competitive Edge

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Companies that strive to achieve and maintain a higher level of employee engagement see near immediate results, even in harsh economic times. When employees are interested in seeing the company flourish they will not only step up themselves, but they will encourage others as well. A culture of engag... read more

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