In Search of Work Utopia

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What exactly is work utopia and has it become far beyond your reach?

The answers may surprise you! Most people spend up to half of their waking hours at work and quite simply hate what they do. How can they possibly lead a fulfilling life with such an attitude of demise? It is quite simply no way to lead a rich life even if the job is to be the only way of paying off bills.

Many people actually find it surprising that it doesn’t initially take that much effort to take your career to the next level. You can become far more engaged with your work by taking the time to seek out additional training options, going to conferences and attaining extra certifications.

Why is it often necessary to get extra schooling?

The world is constantly in a state of change. The movers and shakers of the world are not the “educated” ones, but those that regularly “educate” themselves. In order to truly become great at what one does, it is not enough to simply finish a degree and stop educating oneself for the rest of one’s life. In today’s volatile economy and time of rampant technological achievements, it helps to keep up with the times and stay abreast of the latest innovation.

However, the missing element here is to truly have a passion for what one does. It is only thanks to passion that one will actually take the time to upgrade one’s skills and put in the required energy to take one’s skills up to the next level. To truly become an expert requires precisely an enormous amount of passion and continuous development.

How does seeking out work utopia lead to a more fulfilling life? 

Those employees who spend their days waiting for 5:00 pm each day usually feel like they are missing out on what life can truly offer them. Such stagnation quickly leads to boredom and dramatically diminishes the level of potential that the employee is capable of exhibiting. Even the excitement of getting a promotion becomes less attractive over time if the spark of working is just not there anymore.

Once again, one can only move forward in one’s career when passion is reinvigorated!

How can creating a work utopia help my company succeed? 

In a recent survey highlighted by, it has been shown that organizations with happy workers leads to a whopping 200% increase in net annual profit and a 43% increase in productivity. It is very clear that fostering happy relationships within an organization leads to a more effective workplace and better financial performance in the end.

One of the keys to helping create such a utopian working environment is to give each employee the opportunity for personal development and growth. People actually want to feel challenged and are not scared to engage in professional development if required. Perhaps you can consider financing your employee’s needs for external education or invite them to important conferences designed to enhance their skillsets? These kinds of measures can go a long way into inevitably increasing your employee’s sense of worth and level of confidence.

What are some other ideas that I can use to increase the level of engagement in my workplace? 

When things have come to a halt within your organization here are a few tips you can use to bring the spark back into the workplace.

  • Above all, take surveys that gauge the level of engagement within your organization and to ensure that your employee’s values are in tune with your greater company vision. Also, be sure to thoroughly study the results of any survey, as you may be able to gain very valuable insights.
  • Remove any form of bullying or harassing that may be going on in the workplace, as these will quickly destroy the morale of the entire organization beyond repair.
  • Provide many promotional opportunities for your employees, so that they feel praised for the work and accomplishments. You can also allow them to have a greater sense of balance between their work commitments and personal life.

Always ensure that you nurture the unique talents and skills of every employee in your organization, so that they continue to love what they do and never feel that their work is a drag.

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