Employee Engagement is a Huge Competitive Edge

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Companies that strive to achieve and maintain a higher level of employee engagement see near immediate results, even in harsh economic times. When employees are interested in seeing the company flourish they will not only step up themselves, but they will encourage others as well. A culture of engagement drives people together, creating an environment of success for all. Striving to maintain a higher level of employee engagement not only contributes toward short-term survival during economic volatility, but also is a key factor for longer-term business performance and better positioning when market conditions become favorable.

Companies with the highest levels of employee engagement have a huge competitive advantage over their competition. The best of products and technologies can be copied, repackaged and sold, but passionate, committed employees working for a common goal cannot.

Employee Engagement Improves Productivity and Increases Profitability

Engaged employees translate to engaged loyal customers. Organizations with a higher percentage of engaged employees also have more satisfied and loyal customers.

Passionate customers will rave about their experience with the organization and they become even more invested in the longevity of the company. On the other hand, disengaged employees often talk badly about the company, treat customers poorly and generally leave a bad taste in the mouths of the customers that they serve, or rather fail to serve adequately. This ends up costing the company not only in terms of lost revenue, but also in terms of a tarnished customer service reputation.

It has been said that employees will treat customers the way that their management treats them. Invested employees feel as though their needs are met and that they are valued members of a forward moving team. When employees feel this way, they give better customer and the company profitability and longevity is assured. Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.”

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