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Many organizations have become so frustrated by the high rates of employee turnover at their companies, reaching as high as 40%, that they have simply chalked it up as a normal course of reality. Instead of finding a creative solution to the problem, they simply let new employees on board with the idea that most won’t be around for long anyway.

Using an Online Exit Survey To Effectively Discourage Employee Turnover

In a business world that face stark competition from every corner, it is an all too common event to lose top performing employees. High staff turnover has become a serious problem at even the best organizations all over the world, prompting HR managers to devise creative strategies that can help a company maintain a more motivated workforce. One such method of retaining employee satisfaction is through the use of online exit surveys in order to determine the reasons as to why your employees are leaving. Upon determining the root cause of the problem, it will be easier to increase retention in the future.

Organizations prefer to find quicker methods of assimilating the new employees into their roles rather than finding solutions to keep them motivated. This is quite counterproductive, if you think of it – considering that losing just one employee can cost an organization thousands of dollars in lost productivity, often twice as much as his/her annual salary was! That’s precisely where an online exit survey comes to the foreground. It is one of the most powerful rescue options for companies struggling to contain their rising numbers of employee leaving each year.

The use of an online exit survey is an important step toward getting your organization started in the direction of more effective communication.

A Closer Look at the Problem

Many employers have frequently complained about how alienated they feel by their employers, leading to great frustrations in the workplace. Employers must take the time to cater to the needs of their employees, even though they are often too busy themselves tied up running all of the complexities of everyday corporate life. In such a stance, it is all the more important to find automated ways of gathering critical intelligence about the current state of the workforce, while finding affordable and efficient methods of analyzing such data in a way that yield a productive and engaged staff. An online exit survey may just be the perfect tool to do just that and more…

Top Reasons for High Employee Turnover

Before we highlight the many benefits of using an online exit survey, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons for employee dissatisfaction in the workplace.

While most employees frequently demand less working hours and higher pay, research shows that there may be a host of other pertinent issues at play. These can include issues such as insufficient training, a management that is out of touch with the needs of its staff, lack of a modern working environment and equipment. In the end, maintaining an inspired and motivated staff comes down to one thing – effective communication within the organization.

It’s essential for businesses to support communication at all times, so that the needs of both management and employees are supported. Too many employers mistakenly believe that their workforce is entirely content when it’s clearly not. Sometimes, all it takes is one angry worker to bring the entire morale of the workforce down. Effective communication can instantly stop such unfortunate events from occurring. The use of an online exit survey is an important step toward getting your organization started in the direction of more effective communication.

Why Is An Online Exit Survey Such a Great Tool?

The use of meetings and conferences between management and their staff are certainly excellent ways to stimulate better communication, but can be ineffective over time as people become too familiar with each other face-to-face or when some dominant personality-types begin to take over each meeting.

An employee satisfaction survey is a more effective and affordable tool as it can run on a regular basis, while evening out the playing field between the workers so that everyone can have their say. An online exit survey may not be able to change an employee’s decision to leave the company, but it will nevertheless address important problems that occurred during the employee’s stay at the company. If these problems remain unchecked, further employees may start leaving for the very same reasons.

An online exit survey can uncover valuable insights into the employee’s train of thoughts and honest feelings about what it was like working for your company. These ideas can be golden in finding out what is missing in your company’s team of workers. Some strategies can be very easy to integrate when implements and can dramatically boost the productivity of your entire staff. Even employees who are leaving the company for usual reasons such as retirement can provide useful information about how to improve workforce morale and productivity.

A typical online exit survey is easy to deploy using any laptop, desktop or shared computer and can even be given out as a hard copy should the above options not be available for some reason. The survey should include general questions regarding the worker’s expertise and address key issues such as safety standards, the amount of work load, availability of equipment and resources, quality of management, benefits and pay, etc.

The main goal of using an online exit survey is to find the current level of communication effectiveness found within the organization and to then sort out creative solutions to improve it. The use of open-ended questions in the online exit survey can also be an effective way of getting the ball rolling.

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