Redefining Employee Engagement

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Human Resources apply the term “engagement” to denote an antiquated expression that typically refers to the willingness of an employee to exercise “discretionary effort”, which is evaluated annually through surveys.

While discussing research, it was discovered that most companies feel the annual surveys are insufficient for evaluating employees. Annual reviews fall far-short of assisting the organizations in understanding the day to day issues, passions, and soul of their employees.

It’s vital that we change our mindset and redefine the meaning of “engagement”.

Research by Proactive Insights shows that there are ten elements which drive a highly engaged workforce:

1. The work itself, and the Clarity of Purpose combined with Direction in Job expectations, and the purpose of the organization becomes clear

2. – Opinions Matter

Ideas and options matter and speaking freely are supported. Organization effectively communicates with the employees

3. Proper Tools and Resources

Proper tools, equipment, materials, and resources are devoted to do the job

4. Workplace Wellness

Caring organizations and work-life balance

5. Recognition and Appreciation

Rewarded, recognized, appreciated and fair compensation packages

6. Work is Fun

Love the job and organization

7. Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Constantly learning, growing, and developing

8. Freedom to Unleash Passion and Creative Potential

Contributing through special talents, skills, and passion

9. High Trust Environment

Mutual trust and encouraged to take calculated risks

10. Making Progress in One’s Work

Meaningful work and making headway on a day-to-day basis

There are multiple issues to consider.

The Best Companies to work for are those that have soul. Although ping pong and free lunch are fun, soul is energizing and exciting. Workers respond more ambitiously when they feel they are appreciated.

They invest time and resources to encourage people to advance, and this combined with great leadership define their company. They have established themselves as an organization with determination and purpose.

A Rapidly Growing Market Fixated on Stability and Mindfulness

World-wide markets have rapidly developed to assist in bringing about “mindfulness in industry.”

According to the UN “World Happiness Report” countries with happiest and most reliant employees are Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden. These countries have established work environments that encourage worker input. These businesses are extremely prosperous through their kinder approach to the workforce.

The Solutions Are Not Easy and They Take Leadership Commitment

Solutions are plentiful, but executing and keeping them a high priority is the challenge.

Leaders today require a new mindset, skill set, and tool set to lead people and manage things.

Today’s challenge is …Inspiring front-line employees to stay engaged is a continual challenge for any business striving to meet and exceed organizational goals.

New Tools Are Coming

We also see new tools and Big Data solutions beginning to help.

Proactive Insights offer traditional solutions, but they also offer a new breed of solutions

Real-time surveys (Pulse and Suggestion Box) let you assess engagement and culture fit in real time, and with retention analytics models you can implement them.

And a variety of exciting tools that let you monitor employee “happiness” through their online behavior. We’re marrying the old-fashioned world of I/O psychology with the new world of Big Data and social networking.

The End Result: Engagement Matters

The most important asset a company possesses is their employees. The title you hold in a company is far-less important than the willingness of your workforce to perform. Your company depends on the workforce performance to keep it successful. As has been proven by the Nordic countries, happiness is a successful formula for a prosperous business.

Inspirationally, you and your team should consider ways in-which you can improve working conditions and flexibility, encourage employee input, and provide better training for your workforce.

People must work to survive; however, employment is a portion of their lives and a wise boss will temper his decisions and/or discipline with understanding. People can be held responsible for their actions without devastating consequences.

The work environment is changing, and we must evaluate what our organization can do to create a more human atmosphere. What can we do to make workers want to exercise more discretionary effort, and how we can commit more effort to making the environment more-employee friendly?

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